5th generation fighter plane in the world


In this blog, I am going to tell you about all the 5th generation fighter planes in the world.

On hearing the name of the 5th generation fighter plane, you will get the attention of 5th injection fighter planes like an f-22 raptor or f-35 but I will not only talk about these fighter planes, I will tell you which countries in the world and which fifth Generation fighter aircraft are used and which aircraft are going to come in the future

I am going to tell you first about the operational 5th generation fighter aircraft in the world.

According to the 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft, there are currently only two fighter aircraft in the world which are operational, both of which are billed by aircraft America.

Lockheed Martin’s f-22 Raptor and f-35 Lightning 2 are both 5th Generation Fighter aircraft.

F-22 raptor


The f-22 Raptor is the world’s first 5th Generation fighter aircraft that was activated operationally. The aircraft made its first flight in 1997 and this aircraft technology is the world’s most advanced technology. There is no country around its technology.

The USA has about 195 f-22 raptors, out of which 187 aircraft are operationally active while eight are used for testing. This aircraft is so special and intelligence for America that the USA has not seen this aircraft in any other country. Allied countries such as Britain and Israel also refuse to give this aircraft and it is believed that it is so special that it was not produced after the production of 195 aircraft only.

But the maintenance cost of this aircraft is also very high, probably due to being so expensive, America did not produce it, but no one knows what is the real thing.

The F-22 Raptor has F119 engine, which is considered to be the most advanced combat engine, due to which it can easily fly at the speed of aircraft Mach 2.

F-35 lightning II


This aircraft has also been built by Lockheed Martin Company of America. This aircraft is slightly different from the f-22. It is smaller in size and is a single-engine fighter aircraft.

But this aircraft incapacity is not less than an f-22 raptor. Its engine power is also very high as well as this aircraft can do vertical landing and takeoff. This aircraft has 3 versions, F-35B, F-35A, F-35C, The f35b was designed for the American Marine Corps.

And F-35A was made for Airforce and F35c for navy so far about 355 f-35 has been built

And apart from America, this aircraft is used by Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey and United Kingdom.

This aircraft is as advanced as it is expensive and it is believed that the f-35 Lightning Two project is the most expensive Defence project in the world.

There are two more countries to counter the USA that are working on the 5th Generation Fighter project. Russia and China, Russia is ahead of China in both these countries.

Because Rasiya has many years of experience in designing and operating aircraft.

Sukhoi Su-57


Russia is constructing Sukhoi Corporation’s Su57 aircraft for 5th Generation Fighter Project Russia is believed to have made 10 prototypes of Su-57 so far.

But Russia’s 5th Generation Aircraft is limited to prototypes or it is also operational but there is not much information about it, but it was heard in the middle of a news report that Russia has given its 5th Generation fighter Su-57 to Syria. We have deployed in India, but this aircraft has no active role in Syria or is deployed only for testing, there is not much information about it.

Regarding the engine of this aircraft, it is still not known whether the aircraft is true steels or not because the engine being used in this aircraft is also used in the fourth generation fighter aircraft Su-35, due to which India 5th Generation Fighter aircraft was working with him as a partner in FGFA in which India wanted to change the engine of this aircraft but it is believed that Russia will be able to replace this aircraft with a new engine in the coming few years as a truly 5th generation fighter aircraft Currently, Russian airforce wants to use this aircraft.

Of which about 12 aircraft want to be ordered but due to the lack of a new engine, the Russian airforce has ordered only 2 aircraft, Russia wants that in addition to Russian airforce, this aircraft should be included in the Russian Navy as well as Russia India also wants to sell this aircraft to countries like Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.

China comes after Russia, China is also working on 5th Generation Fighter aircraft. China is working on 2 aircraft for 5th Generation model and it is both aircraft J20 and FC-31.



China is working on the j-20, it is actually a heavy 5th generation fighter aircraft concept from China. According to China, it has so far made 20 models of j20 which is also called a prototype at some places and At some places, it is also called Initial Production Model.

But no operational history of this aircraft has been revealed yet. Like the Su-57, this aircraft is also believed to have problems in the engine and the front side of this aircraft is stealth and the backside is not stealth due to its engine. According to China, he is using his own built-in WS10B engine.

But this engine is also not successful, due to which China wants to take help of Russia to make the engine of this aircraft and due to this help, China has also bought some Sukhoi-35 from Russia.

Apart from this, there is some controversy about this aircraft, such as the US claimed that the f-35 program of the US had a cyberattack on which some data of the f-35 is suspected to be stolen and it is believed that The theft was done by China for its aircraft program.

But no one knows the truth about this claim



FC-31 or j-31 is China’s lightweight 5th generation fighter aircraft. China is actually making this aircraft for its own use as well as exporting to other countries. In 2012, the aircraft made its first flight and now Only two prototypes of this aircraft have been built.

It has not revealed how successful this aircraft is because China has not produced any other prototype of this kind since 2019. China is actually developing this aircraft for mass production.

For this reason, whether this aircraft is a Truly 5th Generation fighter or not remains a question.

Due to being small in size and having stealth technology, China wants this aircraft to be used for the Navy as well as being smaller and cheaper, China also sells this aircraft to other countries like Pakistan etc. Might

Mitsubisi x2


The aircraft is being developed by the Japanese company Mitsubishi. On 22 April 2016, the first prototype of the X2 aircraft was revealed to the world and the aircraft was successful in initial testing.

But it is believed that this aircraft also has an engine issue, IHIXFS engine is used in this aircraft and Japan believes that the engine power of this aircraft is low.

Japan wants to use the more powerful engine in this aircraft, yet the production of this aircraft has not started.

Now we know which countries are working on the 5th generation fighter plane.


India is working on two 5th generation fighter aircraft, the first one being the joint project of India and Russia FGFA which you can also call HAL Su-57 fighter aircraft project and the second is HAL’s MCA (advance Medium combat aircraft).



HAL FGFA is actually the Indian version of Russia’s su-57 Russia wants to change the su-57 that India wants to sell to India and with that change, India has named it FGFA project (5 th generation fighter aircraft) India and Russia will develop this aircraft together and HAL will produce it.

We were hearing that India has pulled back from this project but this project has not been cancelled completely. Indian scientists are still working closely with Russia on this project.



India’s HAL and ADA are developing MCA for the Indian Navy and the Air Force. Like the rest of the 5th generation fighter programme in the world, this aircraft also has an engine problem.

India is working on the Kaveri engine program for this aircraft but due to the very slow development process of the Kaveri engine, this project is delayed but India can soon bring the prototype of this aircraft.

And India can power this aircraft through General Electric’s GEF414 engine as well as develop the fase of this aircraft and when the Kaveri engine is developed, its engine will be replaced.

South Korea and Indonesia:

South Korea and Indonesia are also working on two 5th generation fighter projects named KFX and IFX.


KFX will be the South Kurian version, while IFX will be the Indonesian version. The South Korean and Indonesian Air Force wants the first version of the aircraft to arrive in 2021, while due to development delays, the aircraft could arrive by 2025 and both countries will have 120 such aircraft by 2032. want to join the airforce.



Turkey wants to work on 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft PFX for its Air Force. We do not know much about this project yet turkey wants the United Kingdom to help him with this project. The United Kingdom also helped turkey Has promised to provide software and technology for but Turkey wants to work with Russia on this project.


SAAB Group of Sweden is considered the world’s leading aircraft designing and development company.

The Swedish company is also working on its future 5th generation fighter project called SAAB 20-20 or Fs20-20.



Russia is currently thinking of two more 5th generation fighter projects after su-57.

The first MIG LMSF (light multi-function frontal aircraft) MIG- 1.44 This was an old Russian project to be built on the design of Mig-29 which was cancelled by Russia for economic reasons but it is believed that LMSF is the same project Will be made with.

And another is MIG-41. It is believed that Russia wants to upgrade this aircraft to 5th Generation Fighter also means it can be a 5th or 6th generation aircraft. It is a fighter aircraft as well as a high-speed interceptor aircraft. Will also.


Pakistan’s 5th generation fighter project is named Project AZM Pakistan has no information other than the name of the fighter aircraft.

Friends, this was all the 5th generation fighter aircraft in the world. If you need any information about any of these fighter planes, then we will definitely comment and tell you.


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