Annabelle Doll is it really a ghostly doll

Annabelle Doll, whom people call Phantom Barrier Doll, has also made several films based on this doll such as Annabelle (2014), Annabelle Creation (2017), and Annabelle Come Home (2019).

Friends, we want to tell you that this doll is really a very dangerous doll, it is occupied by a terrible soul, or you can say that that demonic soul has given this doll a means or means to enter our world from our world. Made it

Where is the Real Annabelle doll today?

The real Annabelle Doll is housed in a secret museum in the house of two unusual investigators named Ed and Lorraine Warren, where many ghostly objects, similar to Annabel Doll, exist.

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annabelle doll

Story of Annabelle doll

American writer Johnny Gruelle first mentioned it in one of his works, Annabelle Doll came into her life in a very mysterious way.

Johnny Gruel received this doll in the backyard of his home. When his daughter Marcella was born, she used to play with that doll all the time.

But the sad part was that Marcella died at the age of 13, the cause of her death was said to be an infected vaccine, but surprisingly, after the death of Marcella, the real Annabelle Doll with whom Marcella used to play was suddenly away from home,Vanished.

The mysterious way that the doll came in that house disappeared in the same way; no one knew where the doll went.

Then one day, she found the real doll in an antique shop; it was in the year 1970, a student named Donna gifted her doll to Donna.

But when Donna gets this doll, she notices some strange things in the doll.

Donna noticed that Doll was changing positions on her own. Sometimes Donna kept her doll in a room and went out, so on returning, that doll would not find her there.

On searching, she found her doll in another corner of the house. One day, Donna went into the room and saw that there were blood spots on her hands and back.

Seeing this panic, she was horribly shaken. Donna understood that something bad was happening to her, after which Donna immediately called Paranormal Activity Expert Aid and Lauren.

Edna and Lauren find out that this doll is ghostly, and Donna becomes more scared knowing that she tells Ed and Lauren to take that doll from there immediately.

Both of them left their car for their house with that doll, but while leaving the car, Dol started doing something that they both did not know.

In fact, Doll tried to stop him with all his strength; Dol tried to turn the steering of the car repeatedly as if she wanted to take him somewhere else.
Ed and Lorraine reach their destination with great difficulty.

Ed and Lauren bring the doll to their home museum, where they have stored a lot of ghostly things.

And keeping that doll in a glass box and keeping it closed, it is believed that even today, the ghostly power of that Annabelle doll is active, that is why no one has permission to go.

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