The best fighter helicopter in the world, whose enemies are terrified after hearing its name. Apache AH 64 helicopter

Today, let’s look at the Apache AH 64 helicopter in this blog and know why it is the world’s best and most dangerous fighter helicopter.

Apache AH 64 Helicopter is an attack helicopter of American Origin which was primarily designed for ground attacks and was manufactured by different companies at different times.

From 1975 to 1984, it was manufactured by Hughes Helicopters, while from 1984 to 1997, it was produced by McDonnell Douglas, but since 1997 it is still being manufactured by Boeing Defense till 2021. Once here, you should know that according to the data available until 2013, more than two thousand Apache helicopters have been produced so far.

Which countries have Apache AH 64 helicopters?

But if we talk about its primary users, besides the US Army, Israeli Airforce, Netherlands Air Force, and India and Saudi Arabia will also use it.

How much does an Apache AH 64 helicopter cost?

The cost of one unit of Apache helicopter is around $ 14 million per helicopter.

Apache AH 64 helicopter specification

The Apache AH-64 helicopter’s crew capacity is two, one of which is a pilot and a co-pilot or gunner. While its length is 58.17 feet, its rotor diameter meter is 48 feet, and if we look at its height, its height is about 12.7 feet, while its disk area is 1809.5 feet square.

Apache AH-64 helicopter weight

The empty weight of the Apache AH-64 helicopter is 5,165 kg, while its loaded weight is 8000 kg. In contrast, if we talk about its maximum takeoff weight, then the maximum takeoff weight of an Apache helicopter is 10433 kg.

Apache AH-64 helicopter engine

Different engines are used in different Apache helicopter models, and the engine I am going to talk about here is used in the Apache AH-64 helicopter.

The Apache AH-64 helicopter uses two General Electric T-701C turboshaft engines, each of which generates a power of 1890 SHP.

Apache AH 64 helicopter

What is the maximum speed of an Apache AH 64 helicopter?

Apache helicopter has a maximum speed of 293 km per hour, while talking about its range, Apache helicopter has a range of 476 km. In comparison, its combat radius is Combat Radius is 480 km, and its ferry range is 1900 km, and The service ceiling is of 6400 km, and the rate of climb is 2500 feet/minute.

Apache AH-64 helicopter Avionics and sensors

Friends, if we talk about Apache’s Avionics, Targeting System, and its sensors, then the Radar used in Apache is Lockheed Martin’s AN / APG-78 Longbow fire control radar.

On the other hand, if you look at its sensors, it has used some revolutionary features such as helmet-mounted display used in it and not only, it also has an option of integrated helmet display siting system which provides the pilot with the capability to Only with the movement of your head, you can move the missile and 30 mm chain gun in the helicopter and fire on the target. Now the helicopter pilot does not need to do manual control here again and again.

Apache AH 64 helicopter

One thing you should know about Apache Helicopter is that Apache Helicopter was built as a frontline. Hence, it has some basic requirements, such as the Target Acquisition and Designation System used to track the moving target. This helps the pilot to lock and track the target; in addition to this, the pilot night vision system, infrared countermeasures, and GPS, etc., are also used.

Apache is no match for avionics and sensors because Apache helicopter is not a new helicopter, and its operational use has also been there. The US has been using them continuously in battle with ISIS.

Apache AH-64 helicopter Armaments

Friends, if we talk about the Armaments, then a 30 mm M230 chain gun has been used in Apache AH-64 helicopter, which is 1200 rounds.

Talking about the rocket, Rockets like Hydra 70mm, CRV 70mm have been used.

Talking of the missile, AGM-114 Hellfire, AIM-92 stinger, and Spike missile have been used in it.

Apache AH-64 helicopter survivability

Friends, if we talk about serviceability, the Apache helicopter has been given full armor protection, neutralizing any round up to 23mm. Composite material has been used to make its router, due to which Even if the router has a fire of up to 30 mm, it can also withstand that attack.

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