Clean And Dry Cream Uses And Benefits

Clean and dry cream is specially designed for women. This helps them to calm the conditions in private areas. Clean and dry is designed to take into account feminine hygiene. It prevents itching, wetness, white discharge.

Clean and dry cream is FDA approved cream. The first of the clean and dry products, launched in 2011, paved the way for intimate feminine hygiene products in India. The doctor recommended, it provides gentle and effective relief from burning, itching, burning, and other vaginal infections. It also fights vaginitis. Regular application can cure vaginitis in a week to ten days.

Clean & Dry Intimate Cream is the No. 1 product in the Clean & Dry range – trusted by over 5.5 million women across India.
It is soft. And is packed with the incredible healing powers of clotrimazole, which immediately begin the healing process when applied to the affected area.

Clean and dry cream information about

  • Clean and dry 1% cream contains clotrimazole as the main ingredient.
  • It is an excellent formulation to keep the vagina clean and healthy.

The benefit of Clean and Dry Cream

Clean and dry cream has antifungal properties and is used against yeast infections.

From the very first application, it cures itching, rashes, irritation, odor and prevents white discharge and symptoms of vaginitis.

It protects and cleanses the vaginal area while maintaining the required pH balance.

Indications for use Clean and Dry Cream

  • Infected well to use topical clean and dry gut cream. The area with water.
  • Allow it to dry, and then gently rub the medicine until it disappears.
  • Use just enough medicine to cover the affected area.
  • Wash your hands after applying. Medicine.
  • It helps in relieving vaginitis and other symptoms of fungal infections.
  • For vaginal infections, use it once a day for 3 or 7 days.

How to use Clean and Dry cream intimate wash?

Apply a small amount of cream in your hand and apply it from front to front of your vaginal area, between the intervals of your toilet. Clean the part after it dries.

What is an intimate wash?

Intimate washing is a solution or cream specifically for women to clean their private parts. It is a big secret for teenagers to keep their private parts clean. So they can feel clean and dry. Pregnant women should also maintain the hygiene of their private parts. This wash makes them feel refreshed throughout the day. Nowadays every school and office goer needs to have a regular wash.

What does that involve?

Clean and Dry Cream is a specialist hygiene wash product specifically designed for a woman’s intimate needs. Infected with vitamin and aloe vera extracts. It helps in maintaining the pH balance of the inner part, prevents itching, burning, dryness.

When to use it?

For best results, it can be used daily as a routine for teenagers and pregnant women, and every woman during their toilet intervals.

When not to use it?

Do not use it often. This will kill good bacteria present in the vaginal area as well as good bacteria.

What to use for clean and dry cream?

Intimate wash during infection is good. Doctors have also prescribed for vaginal infections. The SO uses an intimate wash to avoid the possibility of infection spreading to other areas of the canal. The intimate wash contains a sufficient amount of good bacteria needed for the vagina.

Storage instructions

  • Store formulation in a cool and dry place

Safety Information

  • For occasional use
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist if any part does not make sense to you
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children

What is The Price of Clean and dry cream?

The clean and dry cream is priced at Rs- 190.

Clean and dry cream Product Details

Packing type:Tube with cream
Product brand:Clean and dry
Pack size:15 grams
PH value:3.5

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