Dassault Rafale one of the most powerful fighter aircraft of 2021

Dassault Rafale

In this blog, I will tell you about the Dassault Rafale in detail and will give you complete information about its features.

The Rafale program began in France in 1985, and the fighter plane was designed by Marshall Dassault, who was also the founding member of the Dassault Company.

The first prototype of this plane took its first flight in 1986. The prototype is a kind of technology demonstration, and after all successful testing of its prototype, the French government liked the prototype. They gave it official approval in 1987.

The first plane was inducted into the French Navy in 2004 and subsequently inducted into the French airforce in 2007.

Why is Rafale so special?

An Air Force has to do many types of missions, and all the missions are different and different fighter plans are required for those different missions like.

  • Air superiority
  • reconnaissance
  • bombing
  • strategic bombing
  • missile firing
  • strike fighter
  • nuclear
  • naval operation

When Rafael was being created, it was being made keeping in mind that it should be a single fighter plane that does all the missions, i.e. France wanted to make Rafael not a multirole, but an Omni role fighter plane and that is why Rafael was not a multirole An Omni role fighter plane is called.

A multirole fighter plane can also perform all these missions, but it cannot perform all the work as perfectly as an Omni role fighter plane can. Rafael is the only fighter plane in the world called Omni role fighter plane.

When Rafale is empty, it weighs 11 tons, but it can fly with 16 tons of weapons, that is, one and a half times its weight.

This working fighter plane is the only Rafale who can carry so much weight on his weight; this is a world record.

Wiring as long as 25 km is used to prepare the body of a Dassault Rafale and more than 3,000 electronic components are used.

Dassault Rafale is a very complex machine.

Dassault Rafael was virtually designed. Rafael’s design was created with the help of software named Katya and Katya software was also made by Dassault company itself.

Dassault Rafael was virtually designed. Rafael’s design was created with the help of software named Katya and Katya software was also made by Dassault company itself.

Everything was tested by first building it in software, and then it was implemented on the final ground.

It takes two years to make Rafael, and it takes 7000 labour of hard work to make it, then you can understand that it is a complex system that takes two years to make and 7000 hard labour work.


  • Three versions of the Dassault Rafale fighter plane have been created.
  • Rafale B: two-seaters for the airforce.
  • Rafale C: single seat.
  • Rafale M: for the navy

The changes made to the convoy are that it is fitted with a static hook behind it and its landing gears are strengthened so that it can easily jump from the aircraft carrier.

Its special feature is that it is a fighter plane of the medium category and the fighter of the medium category needs a big runway while Rafael needs a very short runway, it can only fly from 400 meters of runway.

Rafael is an excellent fighter aircraft to operate on aircraft carriers.

Special Technologies

Many technologies have been used in Dassault Rafale.

  • Multidirectional radar
  • Passive sensors
  • Reconnaissance pod
  • Spectra

Multidirectional radar

This radar can trace 40 targets in one hundred meters of the radius at one time. It is placed at the forefront of Rafale. This radar has a lot of sensors, due to which it can trace 40 targets.

If a country wants a fighter aircraft that can fight multiple fighter planes simultaneously, then that country will need a fighter plane like Rafael.

Telescope with zoom

Display optical image of targets detected by radar and by the other planes.

Reconnaissance pod

A Reconnaissance pod is placed at the bottom of the Rafale. It weighs about 1 ton. This pod is a very powerful digital camera, and it can capture images up to 1 centimetre.

Its most important thing is that even if the fighter plane is running at supersonic speed, it can still locate and trace clear images. It specializes in taking accurate pictures of the enemy’s area.


Some special sensors have been installed on the tail of Dassault Rafale, some are also on the back and some on the wings of Rafael. Its function is too jammed the enemy’s radar by matching the frequency of the enemy’s radar, and it emits counter rays so that the enemy’s radar is jammed goes.

Apart from this, it also serves to drop the decoy signal, and if the enemy fires a missile on the plane, the decoy signals divert that missile.

These signals warn the pilot of the plane by tracing the enemy’s missile that a missile is coming to hit you so that the pilot can do something to counter it.

It also emits an electromagnetic pulse whose job is to misguide an enemy missile and divert it.

Dassault Rafale Weapons

  • MICA: A-A missile 50 km
  • Meteor : A-A missile 150 km
  • Scalp cruise missile : 300-500 km
  • Laser and GPS guided bombs that can be used from 10 km away.
  • Axocet Anti-ship missile : 70 km
  • Rafale is the only fighter that can carry all these kind of weapons at the same time.
Dassault Rafale

Laser targeting pod

A laser targeting pod is placed on the side of the Dassault Rafale, its task is to precisely target the ground attack.

With this, if Rafael is bombing in some place, then he will be bombing in an absolutely accurate place.

Gia gun

Dassault Rafale has a gun named gia for dog fight, this gun is hidden when it is needed, it is displayed and starts attacking the enemy. It can fire 3000 rounds in 1 minute. is

2000 liters external fuel tanks

If Rafale has to undertake a long-distance mission, external fuel tanks of 2000 liters can be fitted in it and three tanks can be fitted in it eddistionaly which can increase the range of Rafale.

Computer controlled canards

Rafale has computer controlled canards on the front, it is located right near the cockpit of the pilot. Its function is to balance the plane and divert the air flow according to the movement of the plane so that the plane remains balanced.

The special thing is that it is completely computer controlled, to control it, the pilot does not need to make any effort on his behalf.

Apart from this, these canards also act as air brakes, especially for the navy plane which lands on the aircraft carrier, then it has to land at a minimum speed and these canards act as air braking due to which the speed of the plane Decreases significantly

The most important thing about Rafael is that it is the world’s lowest landing fighter plane, so landing at such a low speed increases the life of this plane because its landing gear does not have pressure and the aircraft carrier Maintenance also decreases because the aircraft carrier does not have to work very hard to observe such a heavy machine.

Dassault Rafael’s design is fully computerized. After every flight, Rafael’s computer system automatically checks everything and displays which part is wrong and which one needs to be replaced. Only tells in a way that it cures its disease on its own

Dassault RafaleRafael’s design is fully mordernized due to which its engine can be changed in 1 hour. It takes several days to work on the second fighter plane.

Why Dassault rafale is so costly?

The same thing is always said about Rafael is that it is very expensive. Somewhere it is true that a Rafale is worth about $ 68 million.

While mig-35, su-35 they come for $ 40 million, f-16 comes at $ 20 million, in all this, Rafael is almost twice as expensive.

According to the Desold Company, Rafael’s live is almost 75 years. Rafael’s features can be seen that it can hit many targets simultaneously and many more features make it different from the rest of the fighter plane of the world. Because of all these reasons, Rafael Value for money is

So friends, if Dassault Rafale was fully aware of its features and capabilities, it would not be wrong to say that it is the most dangerous fighter aircraft in the world.

If you want more information about this, then we will definitely tell you by commenting.


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