Why Dhanush artillery gun is better than Bofors?

Which country made the Dhanush artillery gun?

It is a tod artillery gun manufactured by India under Make in India and can give a befitting reply to India’s enemies China and Pakistan.

Why is Dhanush Artillery Gun called Desi Bofors?

Dhanush Artillery Gun is based on Hobbits fx7 Seven manufactured by Bofors, which was purchased from Sweden in the 1980s with technology transfer.

Dhanush Artillery Gun has been made working on this technology. Many new technologies have also been integrated with it, making it capable of firing more accurately and with a more extended range than Bofors.

The Dhanush artillery gun has been designed and developed by the Ordnance Factory Board and is currently being manufactured at the Jabalpur Gun Carriage Factory.

In the early days, the development of this 155mm artillery gun was a big challenge in itself, so the Audience Factory Board also included other private companies in this project such as Bharat Electronics Limited, Mishra Metal Corporation, M / S Dental so that the project can be completed at the right time.

In July 2016, the Ordnance Factory Board handed over 3 Dhanush Artillery Guns to the Indian Army for the first phase of trials. But a year later, in July 2017, there were reports of a third phase trial failure. It was said in the report that during the firing, the cells are hitting the Madelbrake, so the barrel needs to be redesigned.

Then after a detailed investigation, it came out that the cells which were being used were defective, after which the tests started again, and about 5000 cells were fired in different weather conditions from different places.

After completing the final development trials in June 2018, it was finally approved for series production in February 2019.

Dhanush artillery gun specification

The Dhanush Artillery Gun uses GPS and an inertial navigation system to accurately decimate the Northern Angles.

Its electronics and computing systems are considered to be one of the world’s finest security suite

The entire system of the Dhanush Artillery Gun is operated electronically, and the main system of the gun is hydraulically operated.

This tod gun system of 45 calibres can fire for long-range. It also has an autonomous link feature, onboard ballistic computer, modern target acquisition system, communication system, and an advanced day and night direct firing system.

Dhanush artillery gun

The destroying capability of the bow is also many times better than other artillery guns being used, and it is much easier and faster to operate on the battlefield.

Dhanush artillery gun is better than 20 to 25% in Compares of Bofors artillery gun according to the range, accuracy, and conscience.

Another feature of this is that it can be easily operated in any weather condition; whether it is the hot desert or the cold weather of the Himalayas, it can be operated from anywhere.

And the biggest thing is that up to 81% of Indian components have been used in Dhanush Artillery Gun, and in the coming few years, up to 91% of indigenous components will be used in it.

Crew:6 to 8 members
Action:Auto gun alignment and Positoining
Breech:Screw type
Elevation:3 to 70 degree
Traverse:30 degree left or 30 degree right from centreline
Firing range:38km
Rate of Fire:Burst (3 round in 15second)
Intense (15 round in 3minutes)
Sustained (60 rounds in 60minutes)

How many Dhanush artillery guns India have?

114 Dhanush artillery guns have been ordered by the Indian Army, out of which 24 have been delivered

A senior officer has also said that the Indian Army has plans to order 300 more Dhanush Artillery Guns to strengthen Army Defense and Offense under Artillery Mordonization.

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