Difference between Email and Gmail


Nowadays, most people get confused about whether email and Gmail are the same or different.
So today, in this blog, I am going to remove your confusion.

Nowadays, all people have their own smartphone or computer, and they also use the internet in it, and every person also has their individual email ID, and they also use email.

Confusion in any thing arises due to lack of information, so before knowing the difference between Email and Gmail, let us know what is Email and Gmail, what do they work


What is email?

Electronic mail service is called email, i.e. mail sent through a mobile, laptop, computer or any other electronic device is called electronic mail or email.

To send electronic mail or email, the user has to create an ID called email ID.

How to create email id?

To create an email ID, a user can go to a site called www.Gmail.com and click on the create account and fill in his details and password, and create his email ID.

What is gmail?

Gmail is a site operated by Google with the help of which user can send email
Gmail is also in the form of an app that is already present in almost every smartphone today.

To send electronic mail or email to anyone through Gmail, every user must have their own email ID.

Now you must have understood what is email and Gmail and now know the difference between these two.

What is the difference between email and Gmail?

Every mail sent using an electronic device is called an email.While Gmail-google has an app or website that is used to send email.
Email is a service that allows a user with an email ID to email anyone.While you can create an email ID to email, anyone, via Gmail.
Email is a product.While Gmail is a factory providing that product.
Email is a service.While Gmail is an app or website offering that service.


You must have noticed that whenever you go to Gmail and create an email ID, you must have seen the word ‘@gmail’ in your ID.

That word makes it easy to understand that you have created your email id by visiting Gmail’s site.

Similar to Gmail, there is another email service app or site available through which you can create email IDs and send emails, of which Yahoo is the most popular.

I hope that you have understood by reading this blog what is the difference between Email and Gmail and share this post to others so that others can also get away from confusion.

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