Complete information about the most used fighter plane f-16 fighting falcon in the world

Complete information about the most used fighter plane f-16 fighting falcon in the world.

What is f-16 fighting Falcon?

f-16 Fighting Falcon is an American one-engine supersonic multirole fighter aircraft designed by the General Dynamics Company of the United States for the US Air Force.

The f-16 Fighting Falcon was initially built for use by staple fighter aircraft in the US Air Force, but has subsequently emerged as a successful multirole fighter aircraft capable of flying in all weathers due to continuous changes and technology development.

When did the f-16 Fighting Falcon take its first flight?

f-16 Fighting Falcon made its first flight on 2 February 1974, and after completing all the test flights, the US presented it to the whole world on 17 August 1978.

Since 1976, more than 4500 f-16s have been built for the US Air Force and other countries, most of them are still in service today, although its construction has stopped and the US Air Force is using the old aircraft through other aircraft. In an attempt to replace the f-16, it is still being sold for the upgraded version specially made for foreign armies.

how much is f-16 fighting falcon?

The f-16 fighter plane has an f-16 A / B costing around $ 14.6 million while the f-16 C / D costs about $ 18 million.

F-16 fighting Falcon cockpit and Radar

The f-16 Fighting Falcon is equipped with a special GPS navigation system, in addition to an advanced AESA (Active electronically scanned Array) radar system just ahead of its cockpit.

The f-16 has a sniper targeting pod equipped with advanced weaponry, besides frameless bubble canopies, which makes it easier for the pilot to hit any target.

It has a 30 degree folded seat so that the pilot has less feeling of G force.

what is the speed of f-16 fighting falcon?

The f-16 achieves a speed of 2,414 KM/hr at high altitude, the same achieves a speed of 1,482 km / h at sea level.

what is the range of f-16 fighting falcon?

The f-16 can attack up to 546 km with a 454 kg weapon for combat or attack. Talking about the same ferry range, the f-16 can cover a range of 4217 km with two external fuel tanks.

how high can the f-16 fly?

The f-16 can fly a total height of 15000 meters and has a top speed of 250 meters per second or 50000 feet per minute.

F-16 fighting falcon weapons

The f-16 is equipped with a 20 mm M61A1 Vulcan 6 barrel rotary cannon gun that can fire 511 rounds per minute.

f-16 Maximum 11 Weapons Can Carry With It He Can Fly With 5445 Kg External Fuel Tank.

f-16 fighting falcon

F-16 Air to air missiles

  • 2x AIM-7 Sparrow
  • 6x AIM-9 sidewinder
  • 6x AIM-120 AMRAAM
  • 6x IRIS-T
  • 6x Python-4
  • 6x python-5

F-16 bombs

  • 8x CBU-89 Combined Effects munition
  • 8x CBU-89 gator mine
  • B61 nuclear bomb
  • B83 nuclear bomb

F-16 Air to surface missiles

  • 6x AGM-65 maverick
  • 4x AGM-88 HARM
  • AGM-158 joint air to surface standaff missile (JASSM)
  • 4x AGM-154 joint standaff weapon (JSOW)

F-16 Anti-ship missiles

  • 2x AGM-84 Harpoon
  • 4x AGM-119 penguin

F-16 fighting falcon specification

Length :15 meter
Wingspan :9.9 meter
Total hight :4.9 meter
Gross weight :12080 Kg
Maximum takeoff weight :19,187 Kg
Fuel capacity :3200 Kg
External fuel capacity :5443 Kg(with two external tanks)
Thrust :76.3Kn
After burning :131Kn
Speed :1500 Mph(mach 2)
Range :2000 miles (1740 nautical miles)
Crew :F-16 A/B- one, F-16 C/D- two

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