Himalaya himcolin gel, uses, benefits and side effects


What is Himalaya himcolin gel?

Himalaya Himcolin Gel is a herbal medicine i.e. this gel comes in a semi-solid form to apply on the skin of penis.

Benefits of Himalaya himcolin Gel

Himalaya Himcolin gel is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, this drug is used in men who have erections during sexual intercourse but are unable to stay tight for long.

This drug has muscle relaxant properties and hence Himalaya Himcolin gel helps in increasing and maintaining erections.

Ingredients of Himalaya himcolin Gel

There are two main components of this prison, first is Jyotishmati and second is Lata Kasturi i.e. Jungle Okra.

Jyotishmati is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It works as a ruby ​​president i.e it transmits new blood to the veins of the penis which triggers the sensitive nerves of the male penis and increases erections.

Lata oysters are used to increase sexual desire, this increases decreased work desire, it stops spasms and works as an aphrodisiac.

How to use himalaya himcolin gel?

The Himalayan Himcolin gel is applied around the glans penis by pulling the peanuts as much as two peanuts.

If the problem is more then it can be used daily for a few days but if the problem is less then it should also be used less.

That is, when making a physical relationship, it can be used by any man above 18 for 20 to 25 minutes before the relationship, but after applying it, it should be made only after washing it.

Himalaya himcolin gel side effects

After applying this gel, the Himalayan company claims no side effects and it is alright, but after applying this gel, the skin of the penis appears a bit red and can also feel a lot of irritation due to which Many people get upset.

Himalaya himcolin gel increases the time of sexual intercourse but it works only in those who are very young i.e. 20 to 40 years old and whose problem is very mild.

In people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to high BP and high diabetes, this gel does not work as effectively and has to be used repeatedly and its effect is visible as long as you use it. That is, it does not cure your problem forever but this gel shows a lot of positive improvement in premature ejaculation and it definitely increases sexual confidence.

It is said by many people and websites that it increases the size of the penis, but it does not do anything with this or any other cream.

Tips related to Himalaya Himcolin Gel

The affected area should be cleaned with normal or lukewarm water.

Make sure that the affected part is thoroughly cleaned before applying Himalaya Himcolin Gel.

It is advisable to rest for a while after using Himalaya Himcolin Gel.

Do not use an excessive amount of Himalaya Himcolin Gel. Use it in prescribed quantity only.

Keep Himalaya Himcolin Gel cool, dry and below normal. Do not keep Himalaya Himcolin Gel in the refrigerator.

Contact a doctor immediately if you experience an allergic reaction after using Himalaya Himcolin Gel.

If you are pregnant, consult a doctor before using Himalaya Himcolin Gel.

Breast feeding women should consult their doctor before using Himalaya Himcolin Gel.

Avoid using hot water at the affected area while using Himalaya Himcolin Gel.

Himalaya himcolin gel weight and price

1 pack of Himalayan Himcholin Gel weighs 30 grams and costs around ₹150

So friends, if you want any more information about this gel, then you must tell us by commenting.

Himalaya himcolin


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