Today in this blog, I am going to compare India vs Pakistan, so let’s know if there is a war between these two then who will win.

India vs Pakistan is the two strengths of South Asia. If there is a war between these two, it will affect South Asia and the whole world.

India vs Pakistan is the two strengths of South Asia. If there is a war between these two, it will not only affect South Asia but the whole world. 

Both India and Pakistan are not so strong economically but tactically means that their army is one of the most powerful armies in the world

On the one hand, India is the fourth most powerful country globally, while Pakistan is the 11th most powerful country in the world.
So let’s know which of these two countries is more powerful.

So let’s know which of these two countries is more powerful.

Has India ever started the war?

India is a peace-loving country, India has always been the principle of Vasudev Kutumbakam,

Apart from this, India has never invaded another country till date, seeing all these reasons, we can easily say that India will never want to go to war with any other country.

Can India VS Pakistan go to war?

Looking at the deteriorating relationship between India VS Pakistan, it seems that war can erupt between these two countries anytime.


India vs pakistan Air force compares.

Both the Pakistani Airforce Indian Airforce is considered to be the most powerful airforce in South Asia.

But the Indian Air Force is more powerful than Pakistani airforce in terms of numbers and technology. Indian Air Force has a better and advanced fighter plane.

Whenever there is a dog fight between the fighter planes of these two countries, then the Indian Air Force is standing at the Pakistani airport.

On the one hand, the Indian army crossed the Pakistani border in February 2019 with the help of its Mirage to Thousand Fighter Plane, destroyed the terrorist camp in PoK and the Pakistani Air Force could do nothing.

The Indian Air Force has a total of 2185 aircraft, while Pakistan has about half of 1281 aircraft from India.

Indian Airforce has around 590 fighter planes while Pakistan has only 320 fighter planes.

Indian Air Force has 810 attack aircraft while Pakistan has only 400 attack aircraft.

Indian Air Force has a total of 708 transport aircraft while Pakistan has 296 transport aircraft.

India has a total of 251 trainer aircraft Whereas Pakistan has 486 trainer aircraft i.e. more number than India

India has a total of 720 helicopters, out of which 15 are attack helicopters, this does not include the number of Apache helicopters.

While Pakistan has a total of 728 helicopters out of which 49 attack helicopters, Pakistan has more attack helicopters than Indian airforce.

The SU-30 MKI is currently the most advanced fighter aircraft in the fleet of the Indian Air Force till the arrival of Rafael, whose strength has been recognized by the entire world, besides the Indian Air Force has MIG-21, MIG-29, Jaguar, Mirage – 2000 and includes the strength of Tejas

While Pakistani Air Force has f-16 fighter plane from the US Apart from this, the Pakistani Air Force has a JF-17 fighter plane made with the help of China, specially designed to face the Indian Air Force. Indigenous fighter jet made by India is capable of licking Tejas dust.

indian air force

Air force weapons Indian Air force Pakistani Air force
Total Aircraft : 2185 1281
Fighter Aircraft : 590 320
Attack Aircraft : 810 400
Trainer Aircraft : 251 486
AWACS : 05 08
Transport Aircraft : 708 296
Helicopters : 720 328
Attack Helicopters : 15 49
Tanker : 6 4

India vs Pakistan Navy compares.

The difference in strength between the three armies of India vs Pakistan is in the Navy itself.

The Indian Navy is much more powerful than the Pakistani Navy; the reason is that Pakistan has not paid much attention to its Navy, but now Pakistan is focusing on its Navy.

So let’s know about the Navy of these two countries.

  • The Indian Navy has a total of 295 warships, while Pakistan has only 197 warships.
  • India has only one aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya, which is like a fort alone that can taste Pakistan.
  • Comparing INS Vikramaditya with Pakistan is an insult to INS Vikramaditya, While Pakistan has no aircraft carrier.
  • India has a bike warship, while Pakistan does not have a warship.
  • India has a total of 16 submarines of which INS Chakra and INS Arihant Nuclear submarine.
  • Pakistan has a total of eight submarines, besides Pakistan has recently purchased eight more submarines from China.
  • Pakistan has no nuclear submarine.
  • India has a total of 11 destroyers, while Pakistan does not have a single destroyer.

india vs pakistan navy compares

Navy Weapons Indian Navy Pakistani Navy
Total Naval Assets : 295 197
Aircraft Carrier : 01 (01 under develop) 0
Destroyers : 11 0
Worship 22 0
Petrol Ship 139 11
Submarines : 16 8
Nuclear Submarines : 02 (+4 under develop) 0
Corvette : 19 2
Frigate : 13 9
Mine warfare : 3 3

India vs Pakistan Army compares.

Both India vs Pakistan Army is counted among the most powerful army in South Asia.

There is a huge difference between Pakistan and India in the case of the Army.

So let’s know about the army of these two countries.

  • India has a total of 14 lakh active jawans and 21 lakh reserve forces.
  • Apart from this, India also has 13 lakh paramilitary forces.
  • Due to all these reasons, the Indian Army is considered as the second most powerful army in the world, and only the Chinese military is the most powerful army in the world.
  • While the Pakistani Army has the strength of only 16 lakh soldiers.
  • India has a total of 4426 tanks while Pakistan has a total of 2182 tanks. India has 3147 total Armored Vehicle while Pakistan has 2604 Armored Vehicle.
  • India has 190 self-propelled cannon, besides India has 4158 cannon.
  • While Pakistan has more than 307 self-propelled cannons than India, Pakistan has 1240 artillery.
  • The Indian Army has a total of 266 rocket launcher systems while Pakistan has 144 rocket launcher systems.
  • India has modern tanks like Bhishma and cannon like Dhanush Howitzer.
  • Pakistan is far behind India in these matters.
  • Pakistan’s Ghazni, Babur and Sahil missiles lag behind India’s Agni and BrahMos missiles.
Army Weapons Indian weapons Pakistani weapons
Active Personnel 1,444,000 654,000
Reserve Personnel 2,100,000 550,000
Tanks 4,426 2,866
AFV 8,686 4,205
Armored Carrier 1,353 751
Total Artillery 5,317 1,326
Self Propeled Gun 190 307
Rocket Launcher 292 167
  • Seeing all these figures, you will understand that India is far ahead of Pakistan in every field.
  • Pakistan is much weaker than India in terms of military power.


How many wars has India won Against Pakistan?

There have been four wars between India and Pakistan and each time India has won against Pakistan.

How won the war between India vs Pakistan?

All the wars that have been fought between India vs Pakistan so far, each time India has won in those wars.

And further, if there is a war between India vs Pakistan, then the chance of winning India increases. The main reason for this is that India is a much more powerful country than Pakistan.

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