Why was the great catastrophic war between Lord Krishna and Arjun the archer

Friends, today we will know why the great disastrous war took place between Shri Krishna and Arjun the archer.

What is the relationship between Krishna and Arjun?

Arjun’s mother Kunti seemed to be Krishna’s aunt, so according to this, Arjun used to be his brother.

But there has always been a relationship of friendship between Arjun and Shri Krishna; they considered each other as very good friends.

The story of the battle between Shri Krishna and Arjun

Krishna and Arjun

Once when Maharishi Galav was offering water to the sun in the morning, he went through the sky route, Gandharva Raj Chitrasen spits in his Anjali.

The Maharshi got very angry with this, and he went and prayed to Lord Krishna that Shri Krishna vowed that he would kill Gandharva Raj Chitrasen within 24 hours.

Satisfied with the promise of Shri Krishna, Maharishi returned to Galav. When Gandharva Raj Chitrasen came to know about the promise of Shri Krishna, he became very distraught and started running for help in the three worlds, but everyone refused to help him. Who could dare to hate Shri Krishna.

In the end, Chitrasen got Devarshi Narada, Chitrasen told Naradji everything. Devarshi Narada got pity on seeing Chitrasen’s condition.

He asked Chitrasen to go to Arjuna and ask for help, Chitrasen did the same, he immediately went to Arjun and pleaded with him, Arjun consoled Chitrasen and said that I promise you that I will not let anything happen to you.

Then Devarshi Narada reached Dwarka and told Shri Krishna that Arjuna had given shelter to Chitrasena, on this he told Shri Krishna Narada that once you ask Arjuna to return on my behalf.

Devarshi reached Indraprastha and told Lord’s message to Arjuna; Arjuna heard everything and said clearly that I am in the shelter of Shri Krishna in all ways, and I only have the strength of him, I will protect my word only on his strength.

War preparations started from both sides. All the Yadavs and Pandavas appeared with the entire army on the battlefield.

Krishna and Arjun

The war started, a big battle started, for the first time Shri Krishna and Arjuna were standing face to face in battle against each other in the battlefield, a fierce battle started between them as if arrows started raining from both sides.

One to one great destructive weapons were being used, but neither Shri Krishna and Arjuna were ready to retreat. Finally, Shri Krishna left the Sudarshan Chakra over Arjuna. In response to this, Arjuna left the Pashupatastra seeing Lord Shiva himself both weapons. Arrived in the middle and requested Lord Shri Krishna Katha to withdraw his weapon. Shri Krishna and Arjuna obeyed Mahadev and recalled their weapons.

Pleased with Shri Krishna Arjun, embraced him and gave tribute to Chitrasen, Maharishi Galav also forgave Chitrasen. So, friends, there was a greatly destructive war between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, Whom Lord Shiva intervened to stop the war.

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