How powerful is the US Navy’s MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopter, and how will India benefit from buying it?

The Indian Navy has been in need of modern helicopters for the last decade and keeping this need in mind, India has decided to buy 24 MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopter from the US, this will increase the strength of the Indian Navy.

India has purchased helicopters keeping in mind the increasing threat of China as China is rapidly strengthening its position in the Indian Ocean region, and this is becoming a threat to India.

How much does a Seahawk helicopter cost?

The Indian Navy had been demanding such a multirole helicopter for a long time; after a process that lasted for nearly three years with the US, the Defense Affairs Cabinet approved the deal worth about $ 2.5 billion.

How many Romeo helicopters does have in India?

Keeping in mind the urgent need of 24 helicopters of Indian Navy, the Government of India has approved the deal of MH-60 Romeo Seahawk Helicopter from the USA under which India will buy 24 MH-60 Romeo Seahawk Helicopter from the USA.

MH-60 Romeo Seahawk Helicopter is one of the most powerful weapons of the American Navy. This helicopter has been built by Lockheed Martin

MH-60 Romeo Sea Hawk Helicopter is capable of unmistakably targeting submarines and warships. Its entry into the Indian Navy means that no warship or submarine will survive the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

This means that China or Pakistan will not be able to infiltrate into India’s maritime boundary with this helicopter.

This helicopter is also very useful in search and rescue operations at sea.

MS-60 Romeo Seahawk Helicopter is able to track enemy warships and thwart them. The main reason for this is that the MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopter is equipped with sensors, missile and torpedo combat systems. 

romeo helicopter

What is the use of MH-60 Romeo helicopters to the Indian Navy?

Romeo Helicopter to be deployed in the Indian Navy as Anti Submarine and Anti Surface Weapon.

This helicopter will enable the Indian Navy to carry out anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare missions successfully.

The MSC Romeo Sea Hawk helicopter has a dual control system. It requires two pilots to fly.

Pilots sitting in its cockpit can see their targets well in the dark darkness of the night.

This means that this helicopter can stop any terrorist activity during the night.

This helicopter has four to five cabin crew with seating area for five more people.

Its cabin has a length of 3.2 meters and a width of 1.8 meters and a height of 1.3 meters.

The helicopter is capable of flying in any season.

 MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopter

What are the weapons that the MH-60 Romeo helicopters can carry?

MH-60 Romeo Sea Hawk Helicopter can take many different types of weapons.

In this helicopter, 4 points have been given for the deployment of weapons in which Lockheed Martin’s AGM 114 Hellfire Anti Surface Missile can be deployed.

Romeo Helicopter can launch anti-submarine rocket mk50 or mk46 active/passive torpedoes to target submarines. Apart from this, a machine gun of 7.62 mm can also be attached.

The most special thing about this helicopter is that it is capable of targeting submarines hidden in water with mk50 torpedoes.

So with the help of the same Hellfire missile, it is capable of targeting ships.
Whether the enemy is on the sea surface or underwater or a helicopter can destroy it.

Romeo Helicopter will add to the current strength of the Indian Navy and will be equipped with the most modern technology from the existing fleet.

This helicopter can be operated from warships cruisers and aircraft carriers.

This helicopter is effective in surveillance, information, cargo, private vehicles, search and rescue, gunfire, and logistic support in addition to anti-submarine.

Overall, the purchase of Romeo Helicopter will increase the strength of the Indian Navy manifold, and this helicopter will modernize the Indian Navy and will also protect the Indian maritime border i.e., India will benefit by buying MH-60 Romeo Seahawk helicopter.

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