‘MICA’ The best air to air missile of India

Today in this blog I am going to tell you about the MICA missile designed by defence equipment manufacturer MBDA.

As we know that India signed a ₹ 58000 crore agreement between the French government and Dassault Aviation on 36 Rafale fighter jets in September 2016 and from 29 September 2020 these fighter aircraft are also going to be delivered to India.

Rafael also had some weapon packages in India with MICA missile being one of them.

India has recently test-fired the same MICA missile near the state of Orissa. India has tested this missile with its SU-30mki fighter jet.

Why MICA missile is important for India?

Earlier, the MBDA company refused to give the MICA missile to India because India wanted to deploy the MICA missile to Tejas.

The MBDA company says that Tejas fighter plane has an Israeli company radar. If you want to buy this missile, then India will have to install the radar of European company in Tejas.

So how is the integration of the Mica missile into Su-30mki because the radar of Rasiya is also in the Su-30mki and MBDA does not approve it then understand what has changed.

MICA missile has two variants, one is Myka IR and the other is Mike EM. Both missiles are different types of missiles and both have a basic difference. One requires radar and one does not need radar.



MICA EM has radiofrequency guidance and Requires guidance from aircraft.


Here the IR stands for Infrared heat-seeking missile which homes on the thermal signature of the enemy aircraft. The MICA IR is guided by the IRST (infrared search and track) system of the launch aircraft.

You must have seen an infrared search and track system in front of su30mki of India, it can catch the hit of other aircraft and target it. This is a good system India has started integrating it in all its fighter plans.

So the advantage is that su30mki can easily hit its target with the help of MICA missile without using radar. It also does not hurt MBDA.

Why IAF wants MICA Missile?

The missile that India has used before is the Russian-based r-73 missile. It is based on the base of the IR sensor but it is from the old generation because the fighter plane of the new generation has a system with flares than any system with flare. Even fighter aircraft can miss it.

This problem was seen by India during the Balakot strike, after the Balakot strike, the dog fight between India and Pakistan used Su-30mki in which r-73 missile was engaged and at that timer-73. The performance of the missile was very poor, the Mirage-2000 was equipped with MICA missile whose performance was very good and if Mirage-2000 was not there at that time, another MiG-21 would have gone to India.

At that time, only two Mirage-2000s had intercepted 8 Pakistani JF-17s. They did not come near Mirage-2000 for dog fight as they knew that Mirage-2000 has MICA missile.

So here comes the new generation system which is called IIR (Infrared Imaging System), it is mounted in MICA missile and the r-73 missile has simple IR system.

In simple terms, it is easy to miss guide to r-73 missile because the maika missile generates the complete infrared image of any aircraft through the IIR system whereas the r-73 missile is only the heat emitted by the aircraft engine. A target which causes the r-73 engine and flare to get hit and easily miss guide.


What is Advantage India from MICA?

MICA-IR is a better missile with extremely manoeuvrability and higher speed Mach 4 vs Mach 2.5 for r-73

The MICA has a new-generation IIR system that enables it to strike more accurately than other r-73 missiles.

The range of MICA is 80 km which is considered to be a very good range while the range of r-73 is only 30 km.

When the MICA missile is integrated into the fighter plane of the Indian Air Force, the dog fight capability of the Indian Air Force is multiplied and neither any missile or its bite is with Pakistan nor with China.

So this was MICA missile. If you want more information about this missile, then we will definitely comment and tell us.

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