Russia’s Nuclear-armed Drone submarine

In September 2015, Bill Gertz reported that Russia was developing a massively destructive nuclear-armed, nuclear-powered, high-speed, deep-diving drone submarine called Canyon. In November 2015, the existence of a nuclear-armed, 10,000 km range, very fast drone submarine capable of operating at a depth of 1,000 m, “Marine Multifunctional System Status 6“, was widely reported in Russian. Press. This system is now called Poseidon by Russia and, more often, Canyon in the West. The source of this report was a Russian presidential briefing slide, which was accused of inadvertently videotaped by Russian state media at the start of the Kremlin. Meeting with President Putin. It received a lot of publicity on Russian state television and was present on the Kremlin website for some time. The Kremlin did indeed corroborate the story, which suggests that the leak was intentional. It has also been suggested that a leak was perceived as “in order to amplify its intimidating effects…”.

Drone submarine

US Intelligence: Russia’s nuclear-capable ‘Poseidon’ underwater drone ready for service by 2027

March 26, 2019

Nuclear-capable underwater dronePoseidon“, also known alternatively Referred to as an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), or simply an intercontinental-range, nuclear autonomous torpedo, it is expected to enter service with the Russian Navy. 2027, sources familiar with US intelligence assessments told CNBC this month. Additionally, US intelligence assessments reportedly note that the 11th and last known test of the Poseidon underwater drone was conducted in November 2018. US intelligence also believes that Poseidon’s nuclear propulsion system has not been tested to date, contrary to Russian statements. Tests of the new weapon system, including tests of the propulsion system, are currently underway. In particular, Russian sources have stressed over the past months that the ongoing tests are not full sea trials and that Poseidon’s guidance system and autonomous mode Let’s focus on underwater operations. The drone is listed in the State Armament Program of Russia for 2018–2027 and is expected to be delivered to the Russian military at the end of 2020. The Russian Navy is expected to receive 30 Poseidon UUVs.

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