SAAB Gripen E, world’s most flexible fighter plane known as Russian fighter jet killer

Today in this blog, I am going to tell you about the SAAB Gripen E fighter plane; through this blog, I have tried to give you the smallest information related to this fighter jet.

The SAAB Gripen E is an enhanced version of the Gripen C / D multirole fighter jet. This fighter jet was developed primarily to replace the F-5 Tiger aircraft in the Swedish Airforce.

The SAAB company has done the modification and construction work of Gripen almost indigenously.

The SAAB company started construction of the pre-production unit of SAAB Gripen E in July 2013 named 39-8.

SAAB Company completed the test of the component used in SAAB Gripen E 39-8 under its Demonstration Program in its predecessor, i.e., Gripen 39-7, i.e., this Demonstration aircraft in Sweden for about 250 hours of test flights and technology tests. After that, its technology was used in Gripen 39-8.

Since 2008, the SAAB Gripen E aircraft was in the eyes of India, the UK, and Switzerland, and somewhere the SAAB company completed its test and aircraft modification keeping these countries in mind.

In 2014 the SAAB Gripen E came with the new Infrared Search and Track System (IRST) and integrated the system. The first Gripen E fighter jet flew in May 2016

SAAB Gripen E Design

The SAAB Gripen E has an overall length of 15.2 meters with a wingspan of 8.6 meters and a maximum takeoff weight of 16,500 kg.

This aircraft has 10 pylon stations from which it can carry Reconnaissance pods, Weapons, and Internal Fuel Tanks.

Its turnaround time in air-to-air combat is about 10 minutes, while it is about 20 minutes in air-to-ground combat.

The fuel capacity of its internal fuel tank and combined tank, if added, is about 3.4 tones, which is much more than its former version.

SAAB Gripen E

SAAB gripen E top speed

The maximum speed of Gripen E aircraft is Mach 2 at high altitude; its speed is about 1400 kmph at low altitude.

SAAB gripen E cockpit

The SAAB Jas-39 Gripen uses a digital cockpit using three large 3D multifunctional displays.

Apart from this, Gripen’s Cockpit is equipped with Hands-on-Throttle-and-stick control (HOTAS), which provides the pilot with superior situational awareness.

SAAB gripen E weapons

  • The Gripen Fighter Jet is referred to as the Russian Jet Killer because it was intended to eliminate Rasiya’s air supremacy
  • The Gripen is equipped with an infrared-guided short-range (IRIS) missile, along with a beyond visual range (BVR) missile, like the Meteor.
  • Gripen E also uses missiles like AIM-9 Sidewinder and A-darter.
  • At the same time, long-range missiles will also be integrated in the future, such as R-darter and derby.
  • The SAAB Gripen E uses a 27-millimeter cannon that can fire 120 rounds.
  • It is capable of carrying bombs such as JBO12 laser-guided bombs, BK9 clusters, and Mark 2.

SAAB Gripen E

SAAB Gripen E Radar, sensors and communication

The SAAB Gripen E uses the Selex ES-O5 Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar(AESA), which is placed in the nose section of the aircraft.

Gripen’s radar provides a 100-degree Angular field of view and looks behind capability.

This aircraft has also fitted the Skyward-G passive Infrared Search and Track System.

Gripen also uses a Passively listening advanced electronic warfare system, which is the biggest feature of this aircraft, and this makes this aircraft the most dangerous.

Gripen fighter plane is believed to have no more deadly aircraft in electronic warfare at this time.

Gripen also features Rafael’s listening three laser designation pod, which enhance its ground attack capability.

In addition, it also features a forward-looking infrared sensor and a charged coupled device camera that provides the pilot with the correct location and capability to guide the missile during a ground attack.

In this, a modular reconnaissance pod system developed by the SAAB company itself can also be used in the future.

The SAAB Gripen is also equipped with regular radio and Saturn frequency hopping secure long-distance satellite communication systems.

Apart from this, Link 17 wide-area command and control system has also been installed in it.

The biggest feature of Gripen is its electronic warfare suite and the ability to carry 7 meteor missiles simultaneously.

SAAB gripen E engine

The SAAB Gripen E uses a Volvo’s RM-12 after-burning turbofan engine that generates 54 kg of Newton dry thrust and 80 kg of Newton after thrust afterburner.

SAAB gripen E specification

SAAB gripen E CostUS$4.5 billion
Crew CapacityJAS 39E-1 Person, JAS 39F-2Person
Length15.2 Meter
Wing Spam8.6 Meter
Hight8.5 Meter
Empty Weight8000 Kg
Maximum Take Off Weight16,500 Kg
Combat Radious1,500 Kgm
Service Healing 16000 Meter

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