The world’s most powerful fighter aircraft Lockheed Martin f-22 raptor


America’s Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor took its first flight in 1997, 22 years ago when the world was thinking about the fifth-generation fighter plane.

Today we are going to tell the complete information about the same Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor.

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor’s engine

The Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor is powered by two Pratt and Whitney powerful engines named f-119 PW100. These engines generate a dry thrust 116 kg Newton It means that both engines have dry thrust power of 232 kg Newton and after. The power gets burnt with the burner 156 kilonewtons of itch i.e., a total of 312 kg newton.

And at the same time, the US has also used 2D thrust vetering technology in its fighter jet; that is, Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor has a 2D thrust engine.

Lockheed Martin f-22 raptor

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor top speed

Talking about the speed of Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor, the maximum speed of this fighter jet is Mach 2 at high altitude, and its maximum speed at low altitude is Mach 1.21.

The same thing can be said of the super crush; this aircraft can super crush at speeds up to 1.7 MAC at high altitude. The fighter jet has a rate of climb of 330 m / s and has a maximum service healing of 65000 feet. With Surviving healing and rate of climb, you can understand that Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor is an Air Superiority fighter jet.

If the Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor is in the sky, no other fighter jet can dare to fight it by mistake, and that is why America does not even think of selling this fighter jet to any other country.

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Range

Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor has Combat Range i.e., the range that is with the internal school is between 850 kilometers to 1100 kilometers, and while talking about its ferry range, which is with two drop tanks, it is almost. It is 3220 kilometers and has a thrust to weight ratio of 1.08 with full internal fuel and weapons, which is quite good.

What is the per hour flight cost of Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor?

The per-hour flight cost of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is $ 60000, which is a lot more than the rest of the fighter plane in the world. The f-35, despite being so expensive fighter plane, its per hour flight cost is 30 to $ 35000, which is f Is half from f-22.

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor armament

The Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor’s Armament is its biggest feature as it carries the most weapons than the rest of the fighter jets in the world.

The Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor has three types of internal modes, the first main internal way and the two internal ways on both sides of the plane.

The AMRAAM AM 120C missile can be mounted in its main way, 6 such missiles can be mounted in it, and if the F-22 is to go for a ground attack mission, then it can also be mounted to the air to ground waves. Only four Amram AM 120C missiles can be deployed.

Apart from this, only one missile can be deployed in the remaining two internal modes of the F-22. In these two side weapon ways, short-range missiles like 9x side wonder or AM9M missile can be deployed.

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor armament

SDM (small diameter bomb) bomb has been tested in Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor; it has been revealed that four SDB bombs and one AM 120C missile can be mounted on one side of its main weapon way i.e., a Total 8 SDB. The bomb and two AM 120C air to air missiles can be deployed.

So much so that they cannot carry Pant for f-35 or su57e because all these fighters have no place in the weapon way, and this is what makes the f-22 raptor so special and dangerous fighter aircraft.

The Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor is the world’s only fighter jet retaining its stealth technology capability with the highest firepower.

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor radar

Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor is fitted with ENEPG77 Radar Some f-22s are fitted with ENEPG77B1 Radar which is the upgraded version of ENEPG 77.

The maximum range of radar of f-22 Raptor has been estimated that the maximum range of this radar is 200 to 250 km. In this range, this radar can also track the 1-meter square target, i.e. it can cover any fighter jet. Can track from 200 kilometres away.

This radar uses 1952 TR module and to talk about other stealth fighter jets; this radar has so much power that it can track fighter jets like Su-57 from 100 to 150 kilometres away. Is a stealth fighter jet.

The angular coverage that it has, i.e. the area that Radar covers, it gives a 120-degree field view even though it is a fixe plate radar which in itself is very high, this increases the situation awareness for the pilot.

The f-22 Raptor Radar can search, track and detect a target at a time, as well as features like TRTN (Track Retention through the Naughty).

Through this feature, the fighter can track targets that are highly manoeuvring targets such as Su-57, Su-35, f-35 and Mig-35. Also, there is a system of GMTI (ground moving target indication). This system can detect the ground moving target up to 70 kilometres, it indicates the ground target that the target seen below is a small thing. That is, there is a car or a big thing like a bus or truck, or if it is on a fighter plane sea mission, then it can identify the overboard seaplane or warship.

Also, its main feature is a low probability to intercept. When you track a target through the radar, the target may also have a radar warning receiver on it, that is, they may find that their radar waves are with someone When arriving, they realize that if someone is tracking them, this feature controls the waves emanating from the radar so that the target does not know that they are being tracked and can be easily killed. is

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor sensor fusion

f-22 Raptor has many types of sensors; its sensors cannot be told in detail because the information about its sensors is kept intelligence.

It has a fusion of ENALR 94 set of sensors, and different types of the counter major system, self-protection system in its through f-22, all these things are provided in it, you can understand the value of this system in this way. It is said that 30 antennas have been fitted under this system in the f-22 raptor which is fitted to different sensors and do different types of work.

This is a lot compared to the rest of the fighter planes in the world. You can understand in this way that only 10 antennas are also present in the f-15 Fighting Eagle, except for the main radar which acts as different sensor fusion and f The -22 has three times the antenna as compared to the f-15, to do the work of different types of sensor fusion, then you must have understood that what kind of sensor fusion will this 30 antenna create in the f-22 and How to provide f-22 for 360-degree protection and self counter major system so that the pilot does not face any problem in any way.

This sensor fusion consists of almost all types of things like missile approach warning system, missile launch point detection system, i.e. where the missile is launched also tells this system radar warning receiver, IRST search and track, radio Web search track intercept and jam means that it can jam the communication system of the enemy jet by tracking it as well as missile attack targeting pod. When the f-22 targets the missile, it is on a man sitting on a window or in a chair. Can also attack from 50 kilometres away, apart from this, synthetic aperture and imaging camera that can work in any weather condition, All such sensors are placed in it.

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

The Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor also has a Link 16 Safe and Secure Data Link which is almost jam profit works with Safe and Secure Communication which it can do with any aircraft or ground base.

It also has two CIP (central integrated processors) which are so fast that they can process 2200 million instructions in seconds.

Seeing all these features, you must have understood that there is such an accurate fighter jet, but one of the special things that are above the rest of its quality is its stealth quality.

The RCS (Radar cross-section) value of this aircraft is 0.001 m square, i.e. it will look like a small bird on the radar. Any radar can detect f-22 from as far as it detects a bird. This means that such a small thing will not be easily tracked and by the time it tracks, the f-22 will have done its work and will not even know and this is the most special thing about this fighter.

Seeing all these features, it can be understood that why America does not sell f-22 raptor to any country in the world.


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